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Review My First Ever Fly With VietJet Air From Kuala Lumpur To Ho Chi Minh City


Vietnam is most popular destination among Malaysian tourist as it is shopping hub for South East Asia regions. There are plenty range of items here in Vietnam such as hijab, prayer robes, Backpack, baggages, varieties of nuts, very cheap textile and as well as varieties of dried food. Vietnam also known as food and coffee paradise. Dear coffee lover, please make Vietnam as your next wish list as you gonna love it so much.

Frankly speaking, this was my first time travel to Vietnam. As myself to explore new environments, new place, i felt extremely excited and anxious since it gonna be new place for my travel dictionary.

As we know, there are quite numbers of Airlines service that catered routes from Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh city, i on the other hand, choose to experienced Vietjet airlines, a low cost carrier based at Saigon Airport. I sincerely believed my first trip to Vietnam gonna a totally memorable trip soon.

Recently this Vietjet airline start thier new services from Saigon to Kuala Lumpur daily. They basically offered three different class such as Promo, Economy wnd Skyboss. To passengers who interested to fly with low cost airlines but travel like a boss, and pay like a beggar, here are the reviews for you.

You can travel using Vietjet airline to specific destination that offered by them with affordable price but with business class service. Here are the reviews as per last November.

Aircraft: Vietjet A320
Class: SkyBoss Class
Terminal: C, KLIA
Date: November 27, 2019

Check in counter: 4 Star

Special dedicated check in counter for Skyboss class similar with other airline business class. Staff very friendly. Check in benefits: Free 30kg baggage allowance + Free 10kg cabin allowance + complimentary lounge access voucher + Priority boarding + priority customs lane + priority immigration lane. The feel was like, a business class passanger travel with low cost airlines.

Lounge: 3 Star

They used Plaza Premium Lounge. Nothing impress us. Meal was normal, plenty seats, shower facilities, no place to snooze. But, can’t really blame the airline as they used public lounge.

Boarding time: 5 Star

Was assigned to sit at front row and priority to board. Best part, they escorted us to board to the plane. Air crews humbly greets us and escorted to our seat. They even kept our cabin baggage and stored to over head compartment. I never experienced this kind of special service even though i flew hundreds time at any other airlines business class. I felt very touched for this services.

Seating: 4 Star

We was assigned to a seat at priority seating which is there are gap between each seating passengers. Felt like flying premium economy experience. Seat recline degrees was similar with other narrow body airline.

Welcome drink: 4 Star

Every skyboss passenger will get mineral water + paper cup + wet tissue as welcome drink. I can say this low cost airline did extra mile to serve skyboss passengers.

Cabin crew: 4 Star

Five star services. No complaints. They always smile when serve their passager.

Cabin cleanliness: 5 Star

Clean cabin. Very comfortable.

Lavatory : 3 Star

Clean and comfortable.

Meal: 4 Star

Each Skyboss passenger will get complimentary one set of meal. You can choose either Nasi Lemak or pasta.

Disembarking: 5 Star

We was escorted by air crew to a special shuttle that transported Skyboss passengers to terminal which is slightly different shuttle compare to other passengers. Once again, they lifted our cabin baggage from overhead compartment and hand it gently to us.

Baggage reclaim: 5 Star

Best part, as our baggage tag with priority sticker. We received our baggage earlier than other passengers.

I honestly felt very lucky and delightful to enjoy on board with Vietjet SkyBoss service where I can get traveling facilities like a VVIP at both KLIA and Saigon Airport using low cost carrier.

To encapsulate, I can say that vietjet deserves to get ???? awards as their Skyboss met the standards.

I highly recommend to those who

interested to fly with SkyBoss by Vietjet as they really go extra miles for a low cost carrier.

4 Star For the overall services.



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