The service of car hire is becoming more popular every year. According to statistics from Google Trends Research, about 23% of European travelers are renting a car abroad, and this number is growing every year. So what benefits does car rent give when traveling with a girlfriend?

If you need the reasons, here they are.

Reason 1. To see unexplored sites and fill Instagram with fresh pictures

When I go on a trip, I plan to see not only popular and world-famous attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Tower Bridge and the Colosseum… Most of all I’m interested in visiting remote places in order to get acquainted with the real culture of the country and see how people live in other parts of the world. Without a car, this is almost impossible. While in the mainland of Europe public transport is developed quite well, the island part, the African and Asian countries, as well as Australia and New Zealand, is almost the opposite, as all the most beautiful places will simply remain unnoticed without a car. When traveling by car, you can find something special for your couple, a small and inconspicuous place, which will become something more than a foreign attraction for you. As a bonus you will take pictures none of your friends take.

Reason 2. Not to be dependent on public transport

When traveling by car, I do not think about what time I need to get up at so that I don’t miss my train. I do not worry because I won’t be able to see the most beautiful sunset on the coast, since the last bus leaves at 4pm. After all, the least thing you expect to do on vacation worrying and being late somewhere. I enjoy traveling by car with my spouse! I enjoy the fact that I do not need to waste time watching the schedules of all the trains along the route, and think about how I can get to those beautiful beaches, rocks and cozy towns in the mountains, especially if there is no public transportation in that area. I am free to rest whenever I want, because I can re-arrange the route at any time in accordance with the current mood, and, for example, stay in a nice little village for one more night to enjoy the hospitality of a happy Italian family, or maybe have a second glass of wine and spend a romantic night  in a wonderful French chateau.

Reason 3. To drive with comfort and to favorite music

Whatever one may say, it is more comfortable to travel by car, and it does not matter if you go alone or with a noisy company of friends, because it’s much more pleasant to move around with close people, singing along your favorite songs, and enjoying  the air conditioning. If you travel with your significant other a comfortable car will become a golden ticket in comparison with crowded public transport. Besides, you can pick up the necessary car for different formats of the trip. For example, for a trip across cities and flat places together with a beloved one, you can take the smallest option, Fiat 500 or Pegeout 107, which will cost from 10 euros per day (depending on the country). When traveling with family or a large group of friends it is better to take a SUV or minivan. For example, traveling with children and controlling their movements is much easier if you rent a car. If you plan a trip to the mountains, you need to make sure that the rental car will be powerful enough to ride the serpentines. Besides, you can take two or three passengers with driving license and switch during the trip so that everyone has an opportunity to take off on a back sit and have a sleep during long crossings.

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