The Must Try Local Malaysian Exquisite Taste

The Must Try Local Malaysian Exquisite Taste. Seeking thirst quencher or hunger reliever. Waste no time. Look in here as I have narrowed down and shortlisted our top and most popular local Malaysia dish which are easily found in the capital cities of some Malaysia states. As most visitors would travel to the major cities, I have indicated wisely these well selected choices. 


Nasi Lemak Kampung Baru

Kuala Lumpur

As it is the capital of Malaysia, one can find varieties of local food assortment everywhere. I would strongly recommend a local dish called NASI LEMAK KAMPUNG BARU. As the name of the dish already hints its location, Kampung Baru, this location is right at the centre of Kuala Lumpur and easily accessed via main roads in Kuala Lumpur.

This dish is popular among the Malaysians for breakfast in the old days. But then, it has become an all day edible dish especially when served hot. Comprising of rice cooked with coconut paste, its aroma and flavour are sufficient to make one goes hunger instantly. Normally, its common side dishes are the hot and spicy chilly paste, fried anchovies and peanuts, slices of cucumber and boiled eggs. Should one decides to have more, you can have this NASI LEMAK with chicken or even beef, usually comes as additional cooked side dishes.


Penang Asam laksa


This state is very well known as HEAVEN for food. One of the most attractive spot is the night hawker centre at Gurney Drive, located within the centre of Georgetown, accessible by public transport which is about 20mins drive from the ferry terminal connecting Penang mainland and Penang Island. A local food ASSAM LAKSA should be pinned as priority here.

This comprises of white based noodles topped with spicy and sour gravy, which is made of blended fish, normally sardines. Chunks of pineapple slices, salad, eggs, onions and red chillies truly give you an amazing experience of this noodle fish soup.


Nasi Kerabu

Kota Bharu

One local food widely known as NASI KERABU, is popular in this state and the whole country of Malaysia. This city is the capital of Kelantan state, heads to the city centre and you can spot many food stalls and restaurants selling local food.

This dish is basically steamed rice cooked with varios spices and herbs and distinguished easily form other rice because of its blue colour. A must try dish when you visit Kelantan state, its originality is only here. Its side dishes include prawn or fish crackers, fried fish or chicken, salted egg and some vegetables.


Keropok Lekor

Kuala Terengganu

This city is the capital of Terengganu state. Having loads of fisherman village in this state, one of the most popular local food is this KEROPOK LEKOR. You can find this snack virtually everywhere, and you should try this original taste here.

Made of crushed fresh fish from the ocean, this snack is fried and eaten when it is hot, dipped into either chilly or tomato sauce. It is an all day snack relieving hunger instantly during your journeys.


Lemak Patin Tempoyak


Located in the state of Pahang, a famous local dish available is this LEMAK PATIN TEMPOYAK.

This dish is served hot to be eaten with steamed rice, usually takes for lunch or dinner. Fresh locally bred fish called PATIN is used in this cooking, A bit of local fruit durian well meshed is added to give its taste a bit of sour. And, it is not that spicy. The yellowish gravy originates from turmeric powder. No colouring is added.


Otak Otak

Johor Bharu

Fancy fishy products served as snacks? Then head to this capital city Johor Bharu in the state of Johor. Its famous local snack is OTAK OTAK.

This snack is made of fish meat, properly grounded and meshed, mixed with tapioca starch and local spices. It is then properly wrapped in banana leaf and grilled to perfection. Redish look after grilled, it is definitely an all day favourite snack of the day.


Asam Pedas Melaka


Originating from Baba and Nyonya Recipe in Malacca, this soury soup called ASAM PEDAS is the most famous local delicacy in this state. You can find this dish at most of the local restaurants but I would strongly recommend to look for Baba and Nyonya restaurants.

Often served as a hot dish taken with steamed rice, it is a definitely hot slurping gravy for a full lunch enjoyment. Fresh mackerel or other fish of your favourite may be used to cook this dish. Request to the eatery chef and you will get served. Tomatoes and okra are a must in this dish.


Mee Kolok


Separated by the South China Sea, this capital city Kuching is situated in Sarawak. Only an hour 30mins flight away from Kuala Lumpur. Its well known famous local dish that I would want to suggest is the MEE KOLOK.

A famous local dish here is this dry noodle often served as either boiled or fried. It is a very simple dish yet tasteful. Often served with slices of bredded chicken or beef or even prawns, it is an all day dish served within minutes after your order. Try this and you wont be disappointed.


Manggo or Bambangan

Kota Kinabalu

Separated by the South China Sea, this capital city Kota Kinabalu is situated in Sabah. Only a 2hours 30mins flight away from Kuala Lumpur. Let me suggest something simple yet nice in this city.

As we normally buy mangoes from the mall supermarkets, I would strongly suggest this local wild mango from the forest of Sabah. Easily found at most of the fresh market along the main roads or city centre, get one of these. Its nice smell and sweetness of the fruit will surely satisfy your local fruit hunting.


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