Ways to Get Around Penang if You Don’t Have a Car. Are you in Penang and wondering how to get around without a car? Below are some exciting ways to get around Penang if you don’t have a car, guaranteed to help you save time, enjoy your stay in this beautiful city and get to know this heritage splendor more. Penang happens to be a city with the most captivating sceneries, disciplined public transport personnel, and affordable fares as opposed to other city in Malaysia. After hopping off the bus to Penang, you can start your journey in this enchanting city.


Rapid Penang


Rapid is an affordable bus system that runs extensively all over the city, allowing you to access virtually all the areas on the island. The system uses modern, clean and air-conditioned buses. Buses 101 and 102, for instance, serve the north, between Georgetown and the northern coast. Since taking a bus from KL to Penang happens to be the most means in Malaysia, you should consider using this means if you stay in Kuala Lumpur. For more details on the routes served by Rapid buses, together with their respective prices, visit Rapid Penang website. The site additionally contains online planners ready to help organize your trip to other specific places you may wish to tour. Depending on distance, fares range between RM1 and RM4 per trip. If you intend to spend a longer time in Penang, consider acquiring a rapid tourist passport, available at affordable rates for less hassle.


City Shuttle Bus


Central Area Transit, CAT, is a free shuttle bus running along eight stops within Georgetown. It only tours popular places in the city including KOMTAR, temples and Penang Road. The buses run at regular 20 minutes intervals, starting at 6:00 am till 12 am, 7 days a week, including public holidays. The state government offers the service. For info, visit www.mppp.gov.my. Alternatively, call 04-263 7637. If you intend to go to any of the places served by CAT (you can see the route taken by the bus visiting the website and clicking on a map provided), take advantage of this free offer.




Taxis in Penang are disciplined, and available in abundance. While they are not as rowdy as in other Asian cities, you still need to be cautious less they take advantage of you by overcharging you. Opt for metered taxis since they are in most cases always more affordable than non-metered ones, no matter how hard you haggle. Make sure they first turn on the meter before zeroing it. Once you take such precautions, you will have no other problem with taxi services. Traveling around Penang by taxis will ordinarily cost you between RM10 and RM20. Consider sharing a cab as you will be able to save up quite a bit.


Bikes Rental


Renting a bike in Georgetown is very convenient since the city has very many shops either specializing in bike rentals or bike tours. Note that most offer almost similar rates and as such you do not have to move around comparing prices. Rentals bikes are ideal for those who love exploring the somewhat hilly suburbs of Georgetown or appreciating the street art within Penang. They also allow you to leisurely take in the scenery including breathing in fresh air and taking a look at the heritage buildings, without increasing your carbon footprint. Besides, there are several organized bike tours operated by bike shops that allow you to network with other tourist and locals while exploring the scenic city. Renting a bike will only cost you RM10 for a full day so this is definitely one way to keep your trip to be as affordable as possible.




Trishaw is a mode of transport that is unique to Malacca and Penang. Primarily an open-fronted Three-wheeled vehicle, it provides an interesting way of enjoying the views of beautiful sites of Penang. It outstandingly gives you the opportunity to see the sights at a slower and hence more leisurely pace, enabling to explore each and every exciting attraction in the city. Since there are no standard fares on this mode of transport, it is advisable to ask and agree on the prices before stepping on the trishaw and commencing your journey. If you desire to have extended sightseeing, hire the trishaws on an hourly basis. The type of fares appropriate for you will depend on the duration and purposed of use. Typically, an hour of trishaw ride will set you back RM20 to RM40 an hour.




If staying in a hotel at the heart of Georgetown, taking a walk is ideal for you. You should, however, note that it is scorching in Penang. So, if you decide to walk which you totally can, factor in the time to stop for some shade break from time to time.


Car Rental


Renting a car and driving a car is not only affordable but also gives you the unparalleled freedom and flexibility. It will only cost you about RM150 to rent a very comfortable sedan. If you know students from any of the universities in Penang who rent out cars in an effort to get extra income, settle for their offers since they typically charge as low as half the typical car rental.




Depending on the duration, for your entire stay in Penang, you can use several ways above for an even richer experience while touring the city. Incorporate walking, riding a bike, hopping on the city shuttle bus and enjoy the slow pace trishaw to have a complete Penang trip.




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