Snorkeling Terbaik Di Pulau Perhentian. Pulau Perhentian, siapa pernah pergi di pulau ni dia tahulah bahawa snorkeling terbaik di malaysia adalah di perhentian. seumur hidup aku baru sekali aku menjejakkan kaki aku di pulau perhentian dan ianya sangat awesome.

for me this is the best place untuk snorkeling….sangat-sangat best….

Trip Ke Pulau Perhentian Yang Merbahaya

It will all depend on when you go to Malaysia. There are a few premier snorkeling destinations within Malaysia. I always recommend people to visit Perhentian Island as there snorkeling is probably the best in the whole of Malaysia. Another great thing about these islands (Perhentian actually consists of two small islands) is that accommodation is quite affordable contrary to numerous other great place to do snorkeling. Other popular places to snorkeling are at Tioman and opposite Kota Kinabalu (Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park). All locations on the east coast of the peninsular are closed during monsoon (roughly between November and February, but sometimes it ‘starts’ earlier or ends later).


If you are visiting Malaysia during monsoon season you can either go to Borneo or if you only stay at the western coast of the peninsular the only option is Pulau Payar (located between Penang and Langkawi). Payar however is quite pricy and it can also be very crowded (it is being promoted as a trip from either Langkawi or Penang). Another option at the west coast is to visit Langkawi and from there you can take a short boat ride (30mins) to Koh Lipe in Thailand. This only goes for the months that lie between October and May (during the other months there is a monsoon).

The exclusive islands at the east side of Borneo are also suitable for snorkeling, but be prepared to pay deerly for accommodation (with prices well over 500USD per night).

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