Episode 11: “Jumping Ship” AMANDA GONE

Reward Challenge: The castaways would be split into teams of three and would play a version of shuffleboard. Each castaway would be given two pucks which they would try to slide closest to the target. The team whose puck ends up closest to the target would win. Challenge from Survivor: Tocantins.Reward: An overnight trip to the former home of Robert Louis Stevenson and a screening of 1934 version of Treasure Island. Immunity Challenge: The castaways would attempt to build a tower out of 150 wooden tiles to a height of 10 feet (3.0 m). Challenge from Survivor: Samoa
Russell worked on getting Candice to join his alliance as he thought Sandra would flip to the Heroes alliance. 
The Reward Challenge was won by the team of Amanda, Colby, and Danielle.
While on the reward, Danielle found a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol in a bowl of popcorn.
Amanda grabbed the clue after Danielle tried to hide it. The two women fought over who should have the clue until Colby intervened and said that Danielle should have it since she found it. 
When the trio returned to camp the next day, Danielle related the story of the fight for the idol clue to her alliance and they set off to find it. Russell found the Hidden Immunity Idol without the girls noticing and hid his discovery from them. In order to secure her loyalty, Russell showed the idol to Candice and told her that they would go to the final three together. Sandra discussed flipping to the Heroes alliance with Colby and Rupert in order to get rid of Russell.
Russell told Sandra that one of the Heroes had already flipped to the Villains side and warned her about flipping to Heroes. 
The Immunity Challenge was won by Jerri. Russell wanted to vote out Amanda and he told Candice to vote for Amanda, which she agreed to. She then told Russell that the Heroes along with Sandra were planning to vote him out. Russell confronted Sandra about what Candice told him, but Sandra denied any switch in alliances. 
Sandra then confronted Candice about her telling Russell about the Heroes plan and that they had to stick to the plan in order to vote out Russell even though Candice might be scared of what to do. 
The Heroes agreed to vote for Parvati in case Danielle or Russell played a Hidden Immunity Idol.
At Tribal Council, Russell played his Hidden Immunity Idol, but no votes against him were cast. 
Candice flipped to the Villains side and Sandra stuck with the Villains, sending Amanda home by a vote of 6–3.

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